1. Wildlife photos May 2013

    Various photographs, taken on chalk downland in Southern England.

    Female black oil beetle feeding

    Here's a female Black oil beetle Meloe proscarabaeus. It's big by the standards of English beetles, about 30mm long.

    Thorax of black oil beetle

    You can distinguish it from the closely related Violet oil beetle by the shape of the thorax. It's much ...

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  2. Pelican Blogging Image Workflow

    This is how I automatically generate small images linking to larger images.

    I have my Pelican directory tree set up like this:

    ├── content
    │   ├── category1/
    │   ├── category2/
    │   └── images/
    ├── image_src/
    │       └── slug-name/
    └── resize.sh

    I open the files from my digital camera in GIMP, crop them, then save as .png to image_src/slug-name, with ...

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